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Utopia Studio was created in 1980 by Lelo Nazario, as a dedicated space for the creation and musical experimentation, particularly research with electroacoustic music, avant-garde projects, as well as for the independent production of a repertoire that's not found easily in the media and music industry.

Lelo launched by his studio independent productions - from recording to graphic production, from the distribution to sound engineering. and focused in the production of instrumental music. The studio has established itself as a nucleus for the creation of high quality Brazilian music, providing music production (arrangements, project coordination, consulting) and high-level technological resources (studio recording, mixing and mastering), and the creation of original soundtracks for film, television, dance, theater and advertising.

In addition to providing the highest quality in audio CD mastering, Utopia Studio also offers restoration work (from old magnetic tapes, cassette and MiniDisc), DVD Audio and duplication.

Among her clients are musicians as Rodolfo Stroeter, Teco Cardoso, Nenê, Zeca Assumpção, Lulu Pereira, Tomás Improta, Fernando Falcão, Nivaldo Ornelas, Nahin Marun, Marcos Suzano, Paulo Braga, Jorge Bonfá, Ivo Perelman, Daniel Murray, Felipe Ávila; Singers as Marlui Miranda, Monica Salmaso, Frédéric Pagès, Cláudia Riccitelli, Rosaly Lima, Marilia Medalha, Wanda Sá, Carlos Walker, Clara Moreno; choreographers Takao Kusuno, Claudia de Souza and Germaine Acogny; filmmakers like Sergio Saraceni, José Roberto Torero, Luiz Alberto Pereira; and the label Editio Princeps.

Reference in contemporary music and independent music production, Utopia Studio achieved recognition for accurate and high technical proficiency dedicated to creating and producing music.

UTOPIA Studio Tel/fax (55-11) 4242.9714 - SP / Brasil
Selected Mastering Works:
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