The third and last album recorded by the band in 1982, is reissued on CD.

With A Flor de Plástico Incinerada, Grupo Um completed a cycle of masterful, intense creation and gave birth to a legend. Much like the previous Marcha Sobre a Cidade (1979) and Reflexões Sobre a Crise do Desejo.../ (1981; both also re-released by Editio Princeps), A Flor... crossed outermost thresholds of musical convention, combining the rhythmic richness of popular music with contemporary music language, all infused with an inventive and pioneering spirit.

Recorded at JV studio in 1982 and first released by Lira Instrumental in 1983, the Grupo Um’s last album was brought to life by a multi-talented team of musicians led by brothers Lelo (keyboards) and Zé Eduardo (drums, percussion) Nazario and joined by Rodolfo Stroeter (bass), Teco Cardoso (replacing Mauro Senise on flutes, saxes), and Felix Wagner (clarinet, marimba). The album also featured Regina Porto reciting a text by Luiz Nazario.

A Flor de Plástico Incinerada (The Incinerated Plastic Flower) further amplifies the tendency already set in motion on Reflexões… to increase the use of electronic sounds and synthesizers combined with acoustic instruments – a great deal of innovation at the time. The tracks, most composed by Lelo Nazario, an original music-maker with an extreme concern for experimentation and avant-garde forms, consist of very unique and complex themes mixed with sophisticated harmonies and polyrhythmic textures. Together the musicians explored timbres, rhythms, improvisation, and sound in it's purest sense in a way that gave the music a worldly air.

The album speeks of a world full of inequalities and a savage industrial mentality, but also full of colors and rhythms that bring hope of a new tomorrow far from the sad and brutal reality of the plastic flowers. This is the spirit of the album which also represented the transition to a new phase in the musicians’ journey while elevated Grupo Um (Group One) to a mythical place in Brazilian instrumental music history.

The band had come to announce a new era of unquestionable inventiveness, and then it was the time to pursue new frontiers. So Zé Eduardo recorded his first solo album Poema da Gota Serena in 1982, having since made himself a name as one of the most renowned Brazilian drummers. Lelo started going more deeply into avant-garde and electroacoustic music, also releasing his two first solo albums Lagrima / Sursolide Suite (1982) and Discurso aos Objetos (1984), and becoming a highly respected composer of modern music. Rodolfo, Teco, and Felix also engaged in new, outstanding projects. But their paths would meet again many times in the years to come.

Since Grupo Um’s debut album from 1979 until today, even after decades of its dissolution in 1984, it remains one of the most iconic and innovative band of all time.


A Flor de Plástico Incinerada on CD completes Grupo Um’s trilogy in digital format, featuring three bonus tracks from the 1982 original recording sessions, including two alternate versions and a previously unreleased composition. With this newly remastered CD, Editio Princeps brings back the band’s unique and brilliant sound, a true living legend of modern music, to all fans out there, old and new.


Lelo Nazario / synthesizers, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha CP-70, piano
Zé Eduardo Nazario / drums, percussion
Rodolfo Stroeter / acoustic and electric bass, effects

... and guests
Teco Cardoso / saxes, flutes
Felix Wagner / clarinet, marimba
Regina Porto / narration


1. A Flor de Plástico Incinerada (I) / Lelo Nazario
2. Duo / Rodolfo Stroeter
3. ZEN / Zé Eduardo Nazario
4. A Flor de Plástico Incinerada (II) / Lelo Nazario
5. Sonhos Esquecidos / Lelo Nazario

... bonus
6. Olhos de Plexiglass / Lelo Nazario
7. Sonhos Esquecidos (1
st take) / Lelo Nazario
8. A Flor de Plástico Incinerada (II) (1
st take) / Lelo Nazario


ORIGINAL ALBUM (tracks 1 - 5)
Production: Grupo Um :: Recorded in October 9/10 and 30/31, 1982 at JV studio and released by Lira Instrumental, “LP-0003” :: Audio Engineering / Special Effects: Sergio Shao Lin, Edelho Gianullo :: Cover: Lelo Nazario :: Road-Manager: Alberto ‘Batata’ Monteiro :: Acknowlegments: Wilson Souto Jr., Guga Stroeter, Vicente Salvia, Alaor Xavier, Paulo Pagni, Flavia Calabi e Claudio Leal Ferreira :: The text before ‘A Flor de Plástico Incinerada (I)’ was written by Luiz Nazario.

Executive Production: Marcelo Spindola Bacha for Editio Princeps :: Digital Master: Lelo Nazario at Utopia Studio, April 2009 :: Texts: Zé Eduardo Nazario and Lelo Nazario :: Text Edition: Irati Antonio :: Revision: Marcelo Spindola Bacha, Irati Antonio and Alex Gitlin :: Design: Rodrigo Araujo and Lelo Nazario :: Photography: Paulo Vasconcellos, Dimitri Lee, Beto Freitas,
Lelo Nazario, Mychko Alezander. Bonus Tracks 6-8: same sessions as the LP.

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